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file2015 Remittance Form.pdf2018-07-19 22:5211 KB
file2016 Pastors Moving Expenses.pdf2018-07-19 22:5213 KB
file2016 Remittance Form.pdf2018-07-19 22:5234 KB
fileArkansas Conference Audit and Internal Control Guidelines.docx2018-07-19 22:5219 KB
fileBasic Agreed Upon Procedures for All United Methodist Churches.docx2018-07-19 22:5212 KB
fileBasic Internal Controls for All United Methodist Churches.docx2018-07-19 22:5217 KB
filefwdfinancialintegritywork.zip2018-07-19 22:52206 KB
fileKey Components to a Financial Safeguard Program.pdf2018-07-19 22:5334 KB
fileSample Large Church Finance Policy Manual.docx2018-07-19 22:5391 KB
fileSample Medium Size Church Finance Policy Manual.docx2018-07-19 22:5322 KB
fileSample Small Church Finance Policy Manual.docx2018-07-19 22:5317 KB